PL Quick Fit Muzzle XL

PL Quick Fit Muzzle XL

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This Dog muzzle can be used on dogs to aid in reducing barking,

chewing and biting while still providing sufficient freedom to drink and breathe normally.

This Pet Muzzle is highly recommended for visits to groomer and vets.

Equipped with a fully adjustable strap and quick release buckle.

Crafted in strong nylon fabric lines with chafe-free inner for comfort.

- Adjustable strap with buckle, easy to put on.

- Velcro closure, difficult for dogs to remove with their paws.

- Material: Nylon + Polyester

- Colour: Black

- Size X-LARGE

Mouth Circle 22-28cm (measured around muzzle) Head Circle 38-43cm (measured from base of skull at top of neck)