Apron Sleeveless Large- Silver

Apron Sleeveless Large- Silver

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Pet Apron Beauty Gown Pet Grooming Beautician Smock Waterproof Clothing Pet Store Aprons Beauty Robe Dress

Product Features:

1. It's aesthetic and practical, and the fabric is both waterproof and comfortable

2. Exquisite workmanship, diverse styles (there will be creases due to folding transportation, and the product will restore the smoothness after you unfold it and use it for some time)

Product parameters:

1. Material: the waterproof fabric

2. Specifications (approx.):
Medium: Shoulder Width 38-48cm/ 14.96- 18.90in Length 93cm/ 36.61in Bust 106-126cm/ 41.73- 49.61in (no shoulder width for sleeveless)

Large: Shoulder Width 45-55cm/ 17.72- 21.65in Length 95cm/ 37.40in Bust 120-140cm/ 47.24- 55.12in (no shoulder width for sleeveless)