PAW Manuka Woundcare Gel (25g)

PAW Manuka Woundcare Gel (25g)

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Manuka Wound Gel is the dressing of choice for wound cleaning + protection. It helps remove barriers to healing + stimulates the healing process.

It has a low PH + protects the wound from contamination + colonisation by bacteria. It also rapidly deodorises wounds.

Melcare's Manuka Wound Gel is made from Leptospermum sp. honey (80%), contains natural oils to protect wounds + seaweed derived hydrocolloids to enhance the honey's properties as a wound dressing.

Use for:
• Traumatic/acute + surgical wounds
• Chronic wounds
• Malodorous + sloughy wounds

Directions for use:
Apply a generous quantity (approx. 3 mm layer) directly onto the wound or an appropriate dressing.

Serious, infected or non-responding wounds should be managed under professional advice. Please consult your vet.