PetLife Professional Multi Brush Pack(w/ Bristle & Pin)

PetLife Professional Multi Brush Pack(w/ Bristle & Pin)

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For use with Petlife Professional Multi Brush With Slicker For Dogs
The brush heads can be quickly and easily connected to and disconnected from the Petlife Professional Multi Brush
The brush heads can be changed as is required for the type of coat being groomed

Pin Brush Head:

Uniquely shaped pins
Loosens tangles, mats and removes dead hair.
Ideal for everyday grooming

Bristle Brush Head:

Polishes the coat
Stimulates the natural hair oils that promote a healthy, shiny coat
Ideal for everyday grooming

Directions For Use:

Attach the pin brush pad
Start brushing with the back legs and the bottom of your pet's back and systematically work forwards in the direction of the coat.
Brushing against the coat will loosen dead hair and skin
Once the hair is loose, brush with the direction of the coatto remove the dirt and debris
Repeat the process until the brush glides easily through the coat
Finish with the bristle brush head to polish the coat
Regular grooming will prevent matting and will minimise uncontrolled moulting