Black Dog Adjustable Grooming Body Sling Black

Black Dog Adjustable Grooming Body Sling Black

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New Style - Simplified design - full adjustment with a single sling.
A re-work of our original design - to resolve the Groomers' dilemma of a dog that won't stop sitting while you are trying to do your work.

This new style is less expensive, easier to use and keep clean, fewer parts and more adjustable.

The Grooming Sling attaches to a grooming arm on your table. The sling is height adjustable with a quick release function for safety, as well as 2 extra quick release adjustments to help size the sling from mini to large dogs and to easily fit the dog.

The Sling is tapered and made from smooth polyester webbing to prevent clogging with dog hair and make the sling easy to keep clean.

Length Adjustable, Quick Release, fully adjustable single sling design.