Ashley Craig Essentials Texture Conditioner 500ml

Ashley Craig Essentials Texture Conditioner 500ml

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'TEXTURE' (Formerly Panagenics Conditioner)

With its patented breakthrough conditioning agents TEXTURE is a new concept in conditioners which will not soften any coat type, create build up or leave a residue. It will maintain texture of wire and harsh coats and will give some texture to cottony coats. In addiiton, it is suitable for dogs with skin issues, skin irration and hot spots. panagenics conditioner

Suitable for Wire and Oily Coats.
Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Coat
Exfoliates, Heals and Deters Skin Irritations & hot spots
Color Enhancing
Removes Stains
Strengthens the Coat -
Creates Elasticity which minimizes Breakage
Closes Cuticles for Optimum Shine, Retains Coat Moisture
Wrestles Matts and Tangles
Allows Faster Drying
No Build Up
High Dilution so very Cost Effective


Breakthrough Conditioning Agents unique to this product
Vitamins B5 Vitamin E
Colloidal Silver for additional Healing Benefits
Aloe Vera
Light Fragrance