Ashley Craig Essentials Fragrance Free Texture 500ml

Ashley Craig Essentials Fragrance Free Texture 500ml

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'TEXTURE' Fragrance Free

with its patented breakthrough conditioning agents TEXTURE is a new concept in conditioners which will not soften any coat type, create build up or leave a residue. It will maintain texture of harsh coats and will give some texture to cottony coats. In addiiton it is suitable for breeds with naturally oily coats.

Suitable for all Breeds
Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Coat
Exfoliates, Heals and Deters Skin Irritations
Color Enhancing
Removes Stains
Strengthens the Coat -
Creates Elasticity which minimizes Breakage
Closes Cuticles for Optimum Shine, Retains Moisture
Wrestles Matts and Tangles
Allows Faster Drying
No Build Up


Breakthrough Conditioning Agents unique to this product
Vitamins B5 Vitamin E
Colloidal Silver for additional Healing Benefits
Aloe Vera
Blueberry & Lime Extract

HOW TO USE - As ESSENTIALS is a completely improved and unique formula like no other, below you will find instructions how to obtain the best performance and results.


Dilute 1 cap of the conditioner in a 500ml or 16oz spray bottle with DISTILLED WATER to keep the ph low.
After conditioning DO NOT RINSE Spray/Pour diluted BATHE shampoo solution directly onto the pre-conditioned coat
RINSE WELL (Tap water can be used to rinse)
THIS SHAMPOO IS FOR ALL BREEDS - It will not soften the coat
The drying time will be cut by almost half as the coat continues to improve. TEXTURE can in some breeds take out 50% of stains within the first wash.
TEAR STAINS - take a little undiluted conditioner and massage into the stain, leave in for 30 minutes and gently wash away with distilled water. Apply again on dry hair and leave in - wash the next day and rinse. Repeat daily for 5 days. This will eliminate the yeast smell immediately