Ashley Craig Essentials Fragrance Free Revive 500ml

Ashley Craig Essentials Fragrance Free Revive 500ml

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General Maintenance use REVIVE Spray (regardless if you are showing or not)

It is important maintain the hydration of the coat at all times after conditioning and washing the coat with REVIVE - Depending on the climate it is best used once or twice weekly or more, summer or winter.

Do not brush unless you have lightly sprayed first this will give more elasticity to the hair and help prevent breakage - Do not drench it is a mister.

REVIVE can also be used as a straightening, conditioning and grooming spray when cutting and blow drying

Suitable for all Breeds
Repairs and Revitalizes Damaged Coat
Grooming Spray/aid
Color Enhancing
Removes Stains
Strengthens the Coat -
Creates Elasticity which minimizes Breakage
Closes Cuticles for Optimum Shine, Retains Moisture
Wrestles Matts and Tangles
Allows Faster Drying
No Build Up


Alpha Keratin
Silk Proteins
Advanced Conditioning Agents
Vitamins B5 & E
Colloidal Silver for healing benefits
Coat Strengthener
Blueberry & Lime Extracts

This is a leave in product and will not weigh coat down or create build up - to be used with Texture and Bathe Essentials bathing system.

REVIVE IS FOR ALL BREEDS (This is non topical) - It replaces the salts and minerals lost through the environment and products previously used.